Fan-Based Travel (Part 2)

The Doctor leads me to Cardiff, Wales.

As my time in London quickly comes to a close, I’ve been scrambling to attend to the last of my wishlist with the time I have left. On a whim, I decided to hop a bus to Cardiff to visit the site of many beloved BBC shows, specifically Torchwood and Doctor Who. Continue reading “Fan-Based Travel (Part 2)”

Breaking Down Barriers

Berlin-Touring while Berlin-Festivaling can be quite exhausting.

We’re going waaaay back.  Back to a time when I was uncertain what my future would have in store.  It was a dark time of introspection (and outrospection).  I’m taking you back to March 2016. Continue reading “Breaking Down Barriers”

“It’s in Belgium”

I spent an entire day cursing up a storm in my head as I traversed Bruges.

When writing a blog about a city you decided to visit based on a movie that drops an “F bomb” every two seconds, it’s hard to curtail the droppings of “F bombs.”  But I shall endeavor to try my hardest.  (I almost succeeded.) Continue reading ““It’s in Belgium””

Segovia is NOT Genovia (But It’s Close)

Everything goes wrong on my trip to Segovia except for all the parts that went right.

After doing a bit of film research, as I do, I realized that I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit one of the inspirations behind Cinderella’s castle.  A day trip to Segovia was in order. Continue reading “Segovia is NOT Genovia (But It’s Close)”

Reflections on the London Film Festival

Wherein I rank the 29 films I watched during BFI’s LFF.

I never thought I’d reach the point where I was sick of seeing films.  Admittedly, I’m not sick of them all together…I’m just grateful that I now have the ability to take a bit of a break after averaging three films a day. Continue reading “Reflections on the London Film Festival”