The Sundown Paints the Shadows Through the Daylight; Miami

So, if there’s one thing that absolutely fascinates me about Miami so far, it has to be the cities skyline.  I think it’s gorgeous, the way the sun plays with the clouds and the silhouettes just make everything stunning.  Just because it’s sunny doesn’t mean it’s not raining…  Here are my favorites from my collection so far. Continue reading “The Sundown Paints the Shadows Through the Daylight; Miami”

“It’s Just Bugs!”

My next great adventure has begun…and surprisingly enough, my next great adventure hasn’t yet once brought up death.  (Except for the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse.  But let’s just forget that tiny detail and move on, shall we?)

I am currently in Miami, Florida.  Coral Gables to be precise.  University of Miami Mahoney-Pearson dorms if you want to be REALLY technical.  But I digress. Continue reading ““It’s Just Bugs!””